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Ramadan Crafts: DIY Sadaqa Box (Charity box)

Ramadan Crafts: DIY Sadaqa Box (Charity box)

Kids and I decorated this fun and simple Sadaqa box to place all of our change and loose bills into. I always stress out the importance of giving, sharing and kindness as much as i can. And Ramadan was the perfect timing to reinforce that into my little ones. Every time they find change/money, they run to put it in the box, they know it might be going to help out a kid buy food and toys. I believe instilling this into one’s character from a young age will help them become generous giving people when they grow up.

Here is what we did:
We bought a plain cardboard box from hobby lobby (with 40% coupon of course!) you can choose any shape you want, or even just use an old shoe box.
We ripped different colors of printed scrapbook paper we had on hand. With mod podge, we brushed it on the box in a way that makes it look “patchy”. Cover all over with another layer of mod podge once you are done.

When it dries up, grab any 3d foam stickers you have and make out any words you would like to have on the box. We chose DONATE on one side and SADAQA BOX on the other. The lid says RAMADAN KAREEM all around.

Lots of love put into a handmade item, that will help some people with the stresses of life. Sounds good enough to me 🙂

Inshallah we can do the best we can this year. Can’t wait to see how much money the kids end up saving in this box.

Do you have a sadaqa box at home??



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