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How to Organize your Hijabs on a budget…

How to Organize your Hijabs on a budget…

Hi, My name is Samantha, and I’m a shopping addict.

When it comes to clothes and sales, I can’t hold back!

Being a tad bit scarf-deprived in the US just adds to the problem.

You see, scarves weren’t really that abundant here, And not many color options.

Hijabs are actually a bit easier to find now a days. Especially in the summertime. But  if you do find them, they are usually within the $10-15 each range.

Whats a girl on a budget to do? You learn to grab a deal when you see one. and sadly I’ve been grabbing EVERY SINGLE ONE…….

Being close friends with the owner of doesnt help either!!!

Told you I have a problem.. (At least I do tend to wear most of them!!!)

This is what I have managed to collect over the years.

Half of them are from Gaza and Egypt when I travelled back in Summer 2012.

I bought around 70 of them!! they were only about $2-4 each so I felt like I was in hijab heaven, if there is such a thing.

Now I had another problem…. HOW TO STORE THEM????????????????

I tried dresser drawers, large plastic storage containers, hanging them over the door, thrown all over the room (turned out not a good idea)… etc. Nothing worked.

Insert. Pinterest. Here.

I found all kinds of solutions but the problem was the quantity I had.

This is the post that inspired me the most…

So I ran to walmart and bought 6 sets of plastic shower curtain hangers for $1 each.

And this happened 🙂

(it also helps that I have a large walk in closet alhamdulilah! )


behind the door


This is the easiest way for me to see which colors I have (and don’t have hehe). I can easily find a hijab to match my outfit, instead of digging through drawers and containers. They stay hung so they don’t wrinkle as much either…cuz y’all know I hate laundry and ironing.. And they look pretty color-coordinated.


That brings me to my next problem… Storing sleeves and underscarves!!

If your are a Hijabi living in the states, Im sure you know how hard it is to find decent long sleeved shirts. Most of the time I would find cute clothes on sale but they would be 3/4 sleeves. I used to pass on them, but now with these undersleeves I can wear any shirt  I want again!

Im having a harder time finding these than the hijabs.. so I had my Sis-in-law in Gaza send me some.

sleeve1 Collage

I store them in this pretty box. Just roll them up like you would socks.

sleeves box

I’ve collected many underscarves as well to coordinate with my hijabs. They help the hijab sit in place, as well as my hair.

I have 2 kinds. the ninja scarf and the tube.

I got all of these from my friend Kim at

I also store them in pretty storage boxes.

I roll them up so I can see the colors easily. Just fold them into three and roll away like a grape leaf!

tube CollageNinja1Collageunderscarves

To keep it rolled you can either use a pin or a tiny hair tie.


Here are the stack of storage boxes I use in my closet.


I keep one for belts and one for my tiny purses and wallets.


Do you have any other storage ideas??? Please share in the comments below!







  1. Awesome ideas.

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      • Thanks!

    • Thank you for helping me make this possible. Haha!

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