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Dad’s famous Ground Beef Recipe – Kabobs

Dad’s famous Ground Beef Recipe – Kabobs

My dad is known around here for his awesome barbeque skills and his tender grilled meat. So he came over one day and showed me how he makes his perfectly juicy kabobs. So i went out and bought meat this week and tried to do it myself.

Im gonna share it with you today.

Ingredients needed:

-Electric Food grinder

-5lbs Beef (preferrably chuck roast), cut into small chunks that will fit in the food grinder. Leave some of the dry white fat on. dont trim it all off.

-1-2 lbs chicken thighs, boneless skinless fatless

-2-3 bunches of parsley

-2 large onions, peeled and sliced into wedges

-5 large garlic cloves, peeled

-3 large jalepenos

– 3 tbsp salt

-2 tbsp mix spice

-1 tbsp black pepper

– powdered chicken boullion (optional) (I didnt use it)



1- Set up your food grinder to the smallest hole front piece thingy. No clue what its called.

2- wash and cut your meat so it will fit the mouth of the grinder.


3- 20131013-211258.jpg

3- Wash and prep all your veggies.


4- turn on the grinder and slowly feed it with the meat and veggies until it is all gone. Please excuse the clutter on my counters, I had other things to do haha.


5- let it all go through the grinder again a second time so it will be a finer texture.


6- add all the spices and mix well.



7- you can pack it in freezer bags as is, or if you have time, make them into whatever shapes you need them to be for easier acccess later. i made some meatballs and some kabab shaped. and some just as is.


8- Bag and freeze! or start grilling! All done.




  1. Adding Chicken is something new to me, But somehow it makes sense:) Mashalla, it is really worth trying. Only I don’t have a meat grinder 🙁

    • I didn’t find out about the chicken til a couple weeks ago 🙂 and you can barely taste it when cooked but the texture is really so much softer.

      I didn’t have a good grinder either until last year when we started buying our meat from the Amish and slaughtering a whole cow at a time. The electric ones are very handy, I use it also for falafel and kibbah, makes things so much quicker.

      The amount of meat here in this post was ground in 10 mins


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