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My “Sanity Savers” Baby Products List

My “Sanity Savers” Baby Products List

As you could probably tell from the title, these are the baby products I believe will help saving my sanity while dealing with a new baby! My two older kids are school aged and need help with homework and projects, the house needs to be constantly kept up (who has time for that?),while taking care of a newborn!, having food ready and trying to get some SLEEEEP!

So at this point, anything that I think will make my life a tad bit easier is worth it in my book. After all, if momma ain’t happy, Nobody is happy! These are the products that I have researched, read reviews, and thought about quite a long time and have finally made my list. These are not essentials that you must have to survive, but the nice additions that makes life easier, in my opinion.

1- Ergobaby Infant Carrier

I have researched, researched and researched some more, and have found that this carrier is the best, safest, most comfortable carrier that moms recommend. I never used a baby carrier with my other two because they were so uncomfortable and hurt so much! But for this price ($100+!!! Yikes!!) I had to make sure for the money is going to an awesome product. I still haven’t bought one yet but I will do soon, especially if I see a really great deal on it.

Some of the pros of the ergobaby:
– the shoulder pads are thick and soft, so they don’t dig into your body and cause discomfort.
– Fits both men and women comfortably, even though I doubt my hubs will be up for it.
– easy to wear, has back strap and lieghtweight. Comfortable for mommy and baby.
– infants 0-4 months need an insert that is bought extra.. After that they can use the ergo alone.
– comes in amazing prints, colors and designs… Prices vary by that.
– I will be using it around the house to free my hands, as well as quick shopping trips so I don’t have to lug around that darn ol car seat, especially in the colder weather.

can’t wait to get one and really try it out!

2- Video Monitor: Infant Optics DXR-5 2.4 GHz Digital Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision by Genexus LLC

I’ve only owned audio monitors in the past, and they helped. but they were loud and annoying and my husband would always either turn it off or turn it really low… All the time!!
But this time around I’d like to try a video monitor, for those days where baby is sleeping upstairs in crib, and we are downstairs watching TV or so. Seeing the baby helps ease the mind, even if the audio is turned down. We could see if that tiny fuss is just a toss and turn or if baby is really crying and upset. You can only climb so many stairs until you are sick of it! So this helps with the endless trips a bit.

I’ve read a couple reviews online, and this one had the most reviews and the price isn’t too crazy high. At $99 you get a pretty decent product, and reviews say the picture is always clear day and night. It’s small enough to take around the house. And it’s blue! That always makes it a winner for me lol. I would love to buy this one soon to try it.

3- Baby Brezza – Baby food steamer/processor.


If you know me by now, you know I’m super lazy and would do anything to make any task simpler. Cooking included. I’m planning to make my own baby food, and in order for me to continue with it on a constant daily basis, it has to be quick and easy. Even when last minute. Enter Baby Brezza here!

It’s a small food processor device that also steams baby’s food at the same time, one device, no using multiple pots and products and adding to the dish pile that is already high enough *shudder*

They also have a video talking about their product. Here is the youtube link.

All information you may need about the Baby Brezza is in the links. I’m planing to get this, and if it doesn’t work for some reason I can always return it.

4- Glider & Ottoman

20140123-161424.jpgLansinoh Manual Breast Pump by Lansinoh


I’m planning to occasionally pump, do I don’t need any electric pumps. I want baby to get used to a bottle so when the time comes and I need her to, she won’t refuse. My older kids never accepted a bottle and it drove me insane in those instances where a bottle was needed! I looked up different bottles and reviews and seems like the Lansinoh will work for my needs.
I used to have the Avent manual pump and it worked well, but it exhausted my hand quickly and caused more discomfort and hassle for what it’s worth.
I need it to be easy to pump, easy to clean, quiet, lightweight, and pump quickly. This Lansinoh manual pump sounds like a good match.

The baby bottle Im willing to try is the Tommee Tippee line, because they look like the shape of the breast, which I believe might make the transition from breast to bottle a bit easier.

What do you consider your “Sanity saver” ??? Let me know in the comments below!


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