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Half-Price Books Children’s Book Haul

Half-Price Books Children’s Book Haul

Today I went to God’s heaven on earth. Aka the bookstore.

After school, picked up the kids and gave them each $10. I wanted to see how they would spend them, and I thought books would be the best thing to splurge on.

We arrived to Halfpriced books store (find a location near you here) and started out in the kids section. They had fun subtracting prices and trying to figure out the biggest bang for their buck.

They did pretty good, each ended up with 3-4 books….. until we discovered the *enter harmonic melody here* “CLEARANCE SECTION”!!! They got so excited to see all the cool books under $3! I have to admit my heart was racing as well. Now we had unlimited options to choose from and couldn’t decide what NOT to get!

There were tons of good titles and science books that were hardcover, beautiful images, and huge for $1!!! One freakin dollar! Each! The cheapo frugalista/bookworm in me gave up on the $10 deal and just grabbed all the books my preggo self could possibly carry.

Here is a look at what we ended up with.



These were $2 each:


All these were only $1 each!


Also found something cute for baby girl. $3 stacking cubes



We ended up spending $33+ tax on 24 items. Not bad I’d say!! Now the kids have tons of new fun stuff to read so hopefully they don’t ask for Netflix for a long long time.



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