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Ramadan Crafts: Making Ramadan Journals!

Ramadan Crafts: Making Ramadan Journals!

I got this amazingly clever idea from my friend Amnah at She has lots of Ramadan related posts and she also writes for *gasp!*. Go check her out.



Anyways, we got regular blank notebooks and I had the kids decorate their own with stickers on the outside. (Some advice, don’t use glitter glue, long story, just don’t!)


On the inside we are planning to write down what happens each day during the month of Ramadan. Anything they feel is interesting, they can draw anything they want as well. Then we can keep and cherish the books forever!

I will occasionally add in questions to help them figure out what to write.



We got these awesome stamps from!

Can’t wait to see what they fill them up with!


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