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Middle Eastern Desserts: Warbat or Kullaj (cheese stuffed phyllo dough) 

Middle Eastern Desserts: Warbat or Kullaj (cheese stuffed phyllo dough) 

I’m a sugarholic that loves anything dairy. I love cheese, milk, milk and cheese, and all desserts that contain all of the above. 

So I’m getting straight to it. Here is the recipe for the best stuff in the world. 


One box phyllo, thawed ready to use

4 tbsp unsalted butter, melted

Simple syrup to drizzle

Crushed pistachio for garnish (optional)

Ashta (filling):

2cups heavy cream

2cups half and half

6 tbsp starch 

5 tbsp sugar

You can add some fresh mozzarella or sweet cheese into this mix, optional. Not necessary 


1. Add all the ashta ingredients into a medium sized pot, stir on medium heat until pretty thick. (Maybe thicker than pudding)

2. Spread out and cut the dough into 3″ squares. Use a ruler if necessary. I found its easiest to do so with a pizza cutter. Each square should have about 20-25 layers now, split that in half so each square is about 10 layers thick.

3.fill the squares with a dollop of filling and fold into triangles. Place nicely into a grease pan. 

4. into a preheated 400 oven they go. Bake for about 20 mins until the tops are golden. 

5. After they are done and crispy, drizzle some simple syrup on top (not too much) and garnish with pistachios. 




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