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Need some Eid Molds? Look no further!

Posted by on Jul 5, 2014 in Ramadan/Eid, Snack ideas/ kid friendly | 0 comments

If you remember my post from last year when the kids and I (mostly I) made these awesome Happy Eid chocolate lollipops. LINK . They were so much fun to hand out at the Eid prayer and the kids who received them loved them! This year she has new designs and even different shapes, like happy Eid chocolate covered pretzel sticks! And chocolate covered Oreos!! OREOS I’m telling ya!! Here are some of the pics she has on her page: What she also has going on is a “design your own mold” contest going on! That’s right! Anyone can enter and all you have to do is submit to her a photo (or 3) of a new design/product you would love to see on her. chocolate/candy molds. Just hurry cuz the contest ends July 14, 2014!!! Details to enter...

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Ramadan Crafts: Making Ramadan Journals!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2014 in Ramadan/Eid | 0 comments

I got this amazingly clever idea from my friend Amnah at She has lots of Ramadan related posts and she also writes for *gasp!*. Go check her out. Anyways, we got regular blank notebooks and I had the kids decorate their own with stickers on the outside. (Some advice, don’t use glitter glue, long story, just don’t!) On the inside we are planning to write down what happens each day during the month of Ramadan. Anything they feel is interesting, they can draw anything they want as well. Then we can keep and cherish the books forever! I will occasionally add in questions to help them figure out what to write. We got these awesome stamps from! Can’t wait to see what they fill them up with! Share this:ShareFacebookPinterestEmailTwitterPrintLike this:Like...

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Ramadan 2014 is here!!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2014 in Ramadan/Eid, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Ramadan Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating this year! May Allah accept all our fasts and grant us all our wishes and duas and place you and us in the highest level of Imaan and Taqwa. I can’t believe how quickly Ramadan had returned!! Talk about time flying, more like time warping! Anyways, this year is our first year for the kids to attempt fasting half a day. Sara is 6 and Malik is 5. Sara is more interested and willing to learn. I’m not going to push it but at least I would like them to feel why this month is super special and to get them excited for it again in the coming years inshallah. If you have any tips on fasting with kiddos please comment below. As for this breastfeeding mama, I won’t be able to...

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Thrift store haul!! Feb 18, 2014

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Childhood, My Recent Finds | 0 comments

I’ve been looking to start a lego collection for the kids. So I thought to hit the thrift stores in my area hoping to find cheap sets. Those efforts have failed for today, but I found some stuff that was worth it. Here are all the items I bought today, from 5 stores total. Of course I just had to look through the kids book sections…. And came out with these: Prices varied between $0.25-$1.00 per book, depending on store. And then I spotted these amazing blocks in the toy section!!! If you follow me on my Facebook page, you know that I’ve been planning to make these Arabic Alphabet Blocks from this blog. So I’ve been trying to find foam or wooden blocks that aren’t too expensive. Then I find this huge bag of wooden cubes for $5!!!!...

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Half-Price Books Children’s Book Haul

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Childhood, My Recent Finds | 0 comments

Today I went to God’s heaven on earth. Aka the bookstore. After school, picked up the kids and gave them each $10. I wanted to see how they would spend them, and I thought books would be the best thing to splurge on. We arrived to Halfpriced books store (find a location near you here) and started out in the kids section. They had fun subtracting prices and trying to figure out the biggest bang for their buck. They did pretty good, each ended up with 3-4 books….. until we discovered the *enter harmonic melody here* “CLEARANCE SECTION”!!! They got so excited to see all the cool books under $3! I have to admit my heart was racing as well. Now we had unlimited options to choose from and couldn’t decide what NOT to get! There were tons of...

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Posted by on Jan 25, 2014 in Childhood, My Recent Finds | 1 comment had a huge sale last week that I posted about on my Facebook page : Life of a MOMpreneur. 40% off all clearance prices. So I went super crazy. Prices per piece range from $0.59-6.59. Here’s what I got for all three kids. Baby: Summery floral dress 0-3 m. $4.19 Newborn one piece 5-9 lbs Fox glittery matching pieces. 6-12 m. $1.79-3.59 6-12 m shirts $1.79-2.39 each sage rose skirt 12-18 m $3.59 Socks, tights and leggings multiple sizes $1.19-2.99. Shoes $3.59 Hair accessories for the girls: $0.59-2.99. Double sided story book $1.79 For Sara I got mostly size 8 for next winter. Leggings sizes 7-9. $2.39-3.59 each Skirts size 8 $3.59-6.59 Basic Long sleeve solid tees. All $3.59 except for the white ones $5.99. Got them for school uniform. For Malik, I couldn’t find much. The variety...

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