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The Mommy essentials guide for pregnant/postpartum women!

Posted by on Jan 19, 2014 in My Recent Finds, paRANThood, Women Talk | 0 comments

This post is all about us mommies! These are the items that have helped me during pregnancy, and after birth. 1- pregnancy pillow: I LOVE this thing! It’s like a bundle of cuddliness and warmth and it’s cozy and soft and, just get yourself one already! If you have any pregnant friends then get them one as well. It helped ease my morning sickness and helps with sleeping at night. Any shape works, I have THIS one now.. I lived on THIS one when I was preggo with my two older kids. Find the one that suits you. Some just use a regular body pillow as well. GET A PILLOW!!! 2- tummy rub/creams: Once u start showing and that cute little bump gets bigger and bigger, our skin will start stretching and itching. So it’s best to start rubbing...

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New baby 12 most essential items guide! For expecting moms

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in Childhood, My Recent Finds, paRANThood, Women Talk | 0 comments

In my personal opinion, these are the most important items I recommend you will need to help u survive your first year with your newborn comfortably 🙂 my opinions are based off my own personal experience with my older two kids. You are more than free to add or remove anything from this list. You are the mom! Listen to your motherly instincts. I will probably make another post talking about the items that I least used and don’t recommend buying at all. But again, to each their own. Reminder: Always do your research before deciding on a product, and if you are buying it, make sure you get it from a place that accepts returns if you change your mind or it doesn’t work for you.     1- Crib: I got this (Graco Stanton – Cherry) crib...

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Sara and the Hair Monster

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Childhood, LoaMP, paRANThood | 0 comments

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Sara. She was smart and beautiful, and her hair was silky smooth. Sara loved her long shiny hair, until one dreaded morning. She woke up early to get ready for school as usual. Then she saw it in the mirror!!!! “I wonder what that is?”, said the girl, as she pointed to a huge tangle in her hair. She dabbed some water on it and didn’t care for it much, it will probably go away soon, she thought. She went to get dressed for school. It was now time to tidy her hair. Her mama gently used a brush to stroke her pretty long black hair. As she was brushing, Sara let out a big scream and cry. “Mama!! It’s hurts so much!” The brush had got stuck in...

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PaRANThood: Bedwetting, is it inevitable??

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in Life of a MOM, paRANThood | 8 comments

Sigh. A mothers joy is to wake her kids up for school only to find them soaking wet, in their beds, for the gazillionth time. “Where did I go wrong?”, she wonders. No drinking before bed, bathroom before bed, and sometimes wake up at 2am to run to the potty. Yet something is just not clicking. So during this summer break, I try my best to fix this before the next school year starts ( in 2 weeks! Yikes!!) Sara will be turning 6 soon and has been really good lately with the bed wetting. (She will hate me for this post in a couple years). Malik is the one giving me trouble. I bought these awesome bed pads from amazon ({subscribe and save} saves me 20% price so I get a good deal shipped straight to my door...

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paRANThood: Do your kids eat fish??

Posted by on Apr 13, 2013 in LoaMP, paRANThood, Snack ideas/ kid friendly | 0 comments

Do your kids eat fish? I mean other than in fish stick form drained in ketchup?? My kids love seafood. Lobster, crabs, shrimp..seafood soup, even muscles and clams.. LOTS of it… But when it comes to fish, they act like its the grossest thing in the world. And I can’t get them to eat it. And it’s been bothering me. Source We definitely have fish once a week if not more often. I prepare all different kinds of fillet and whole fish, and different recipes and ingredients every time, and still… NO FISH MAMA!! The reason I feel feeding your kids fish is important is because of the nutritional research linking to fish, especially those rich with omega 3 fatty acids, proves many potential health benefits. Its healthy, quick to cook, light and filling, pretty affordable and its full...

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A $20 bill says everything

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011 in Childhood, LoaMP, paRANThood | 4 comments

After begging to go to school, i called the Islamic school nearby to ask about registration and tuition and stuff. Was shocked at their prices (being new to this whole ordeal was shocking enough), because it was a little too high for us (sarcasm).. So Sara asked me if i called her school, and i told her we couldn’t afford that specific one this year.. she got sad, and said ” yeah, we have no money” … Rememered that her youngest aunt goes to school, she immediately said “YASMEEN HAS MONEY!!!” like she solved the problem.. My sister is 12 and goes to public…. end point.Next morning (after the whole preschool thing started) my husband offered Malik & sara a $100 bill and a $20, and asked which they would like.. Sara refused them as she only deals with quarters,...

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